Ford Trucks International F Max Voice

My voiceover on Ford Trucks' International F Max campaign

An incredibly creative ad campaign from Ford Trucks

I've voiced quite a few car and automotive-themed advertisements over the years — from RAC Car Passports to my Car Cash Point video. But I never really imagined providing voiceover for a huge truck campaign. Ford Trucks have brought out the rather impressive International F Max and they needed a firm, clear English accent to really sell it. Ford Trucks have brought a lot of showmanship and creativity to this campaign and I'm glad to, once again, have my voice associated with such a big brand!


Ford Trucks F MAx!

Ford Trucks is the truck (lorry to us Brits) division of Ford — arguably the biggest automotive companies in the world. So, when Ford gets in touch with you and offers you a voiceover job, you say yes! As an added bonus, the ad campaign Ford Trucks has put together for the release of their new International F Max is jam-packed with humour and some really high production value. It was great to work with these guys. Listen for my voice at the end of the video!

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