ForgeRock Explainer Voiceover - What is GDPR?

This animated short covers the basics and explains all.

What is GDPR?

Well, to be honest, I had no idea what GDPR was until I narrated this explainer videofor ForgeRock. GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation and it does its best to give customers more control over how different companies use their data. I saw the animation and I talked it over with the director; we decided that the voice should be a little softer in delivery but still keeping a natural and credible tone. I feel really comfortable with this kind of direction and was able to give the director exactly what he needed. I love getting my teeth into more in-depth explainer video voiceover jobs, so I'm always looking for jobs like this, including my recent one for Opel. Need male voiceover for your next commercial or ad campaign? Maybe I can help with your script?


Who are ForgeRock?

ForgeRock are out to transform the way organizations approach identity and access management. They can deliver trusted digital relationships that improve the personalized customer experience and, ultimately, drive greater value. They make it happen with the best commercial open source identity platform for securing anything, anywhere, on any device. I think ForgeRock did brilliant work on this What-is-GDPR video. GDPR is complicated legislation that affects most businesses, so I think producing a clear and concise explainer video was a brilliant call!

Looking for a soft male voice with credibility?

I've been working with ForgeRock for a while and I love the well-written scripts and clear direction they give me. If you have a great voiceover script and are looking for the right voice for your brand or specific commercial voiceover project, then please feel free to get in touch . It if helps, I can send you a free sample of your script to allow you to see (and hear) if my voice is right for your brand. Tell me more about your project and let's get to work.

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