G-Fuel-Golden Apple-Pear

Another quirky commercial for G Fuel

My voiceover on the latest G Fuel ad!

This is the second advertisement I've voiced for G Fuel and I love the sense of humour they bring to their advertising campaigns. Take a look at another one of their ads here. For the ad I was asked to do recently, they asked for an epic, godlike voice, and I think I've delivered. I think the voice is a little like the classic movie trailer voice, which I always love doing!

g-fuel-golden apple-pear

A little more about G Fuel

G Fuel is an American energy drink company with a big difference: they sell the formula to make the drink and they avoid the huge amounts of sugar other energy drinks companies put into their products. G Fuel's brand focuses on the idea of providing people with healthy energy drinks and it's getting increasingly popular. This promo video was a lot of fun to voice and I hope to work with them for a third time in the future!

Get in touch

If you're working on an advertisement, explainer video, or game trailer and you'd like a voice similar to the one I used for this G Fuel promo, then please feel free to get in touch. If it makes things easier for you, I'm happy to provide you with a sample of your script so that you can hear if my voice is right for your project.

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