David Attenborough Voiceover for Guideline 401k

My David Attenborough voiceover — this time narrating a the complexities of American pension contributions...

Using my David Attenborough voice with an American production company

Anyone who has worked with me before or has read a few of my other blog write-ups of my work will know that I don't pull out my David Attenborough voiceover for everyone. I think there can be a real danger of overdoing or overusing this voice style, so I actually find myself saying no to a few jobs. That said, it's one of my favourite voiceover styles and I think I'd nailed Attenborough's slow, gravelly tones. So, when an extremely high-quality American production company gets in touch with me and asks me to provide my Attenborough voiceover for a tax and pension product, I figure that it's a totally new avenue for me and that it would be fun. Well, I was right! If you'd like to hear some more examples of my Attenborough voiceover, check out my Falcon beer and CBS Tyreek Hill videos.


A little more about Guideline

Guideline is a specialist in pension and retirement plan software. Its goal is to make business owners and office managers' jobs as easy as possible by taking the work out of recording and processing employees' 401(k). Guideline does all of the heavy lifting and they integrate their service with most of the top payroll systems, so there won't be any cumbersome, unoptimised blind spots in your entire pay and retirement plan system. I usually only like providing voiceover for a product or service that I think is good (as I don't want my voice to be associated with something sub-par), and Guideline's service seems great as it appeals to the part of me that likes to stay organised. I'm also very pleased with how the video turned out!

Get in touch

If you're in need of a David Attenborough voiceover or something else altogether for your next TV ad or explainer video, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to talk to new people and to see if I can help brands take their ads and marketing tto the next level. And, if you need a little more convincing, I'm happy to send a free sample, read from your script!

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