Industry Nine Supper Club - Attenborough Impression

The guys behind the best bike wheels wanted a voice on their film.

Where on Planet Earth?

It goes without saying Sir David Attenborough's voice is one of the most beautiful when it comes to narration.
I remember as a child trying to impersonate his style. I used to love the impressionists on television who emulated him and now I feel I've found my niche and my version of this great voice.
I only pick a handful of the jobs I'm asked to do, due to getting so many requests. Got a fun project?


Who are Industry Nine?

Handmade in Asheville, NC. Bicycle wheelsets and hubs for riders looking for the ultimate expression, quality and performance.
Industry Nine offers a range of exceptional complete system wheelsets and hubsets for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, All-Road and Cyclocross, FatBike.
They machine and assemble in-house to offer the highest quality and most innovative components on the planet.

Get in touch

Looking for a David Attenborough soundalike? Got a project thats positive and fun? Do get in touch via the contact page. To make the process easier, just let me know the intended usage so I can quote you more accurately. By all means, send a sample of the script and I'd be more than happy to send you an audition to check if my impression is right for your production or project.

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Radio 1 Gameshow Voice

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