My Voiceover on the Jersey War Tunnels tour

It was fascinating to provide the voiceover for the Jersey War Tunnels audio walking tour

Voicing the Jersey War Tunnel audio tour

I've shared the official YouTube promo video here, but I didn't actually provide the voiceover for this — I just always prefer to give anyone visiting my site a video to watch... My voiceover work for Jersey War Tunnels has been used in the audio tours of the tunnels themselves. I recently visited Jersey for a little holiday and I heard my work in person; I'm really pleased with the result. It's always a pleasure to be asked for something a little different. If you'd like to know if my voice could be a good fit for your tour, take a look at my explainer video voiceover, commercial voiceover, and perhaps one of my character voiceovers could be a good fit.


A little more about the Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels are an extensive network of tunnels dug during the German occupation of Jersey during WWII. The Nazi occupiers forced slave workers from across Europe to dig the tunnels and the tour is an attempt to give guests a sense of what life was like in Jersey during the German occupation. My voice can be heard by guests who press a button on their audio player that corresponds to wherever they are on the tour. Here's a picture of the audio player. I learned so much about the history of Jersey while working on this project and I'm very interested for more museum and exhibition voiceover work in the future.

Get in touch

If you've listened to my voiceover work and you'd like to work with me on your next project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I have experience working across numerous facets of the voiceover industry, but the Jersey War Tunnels was a new avenue for me. I'd love to hear from you if you have a similar project in mind or something else altogether new! If it makes things easier for you, I am more than happy to provide a sample of my voiceover taken from your script.

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