Megableu, Beat the Flush

Yes, it's my voice on that advert.

My voiceover on another great Megableu game

I love doing voiceover for TV advertisements — especially for computer games and board games. So I was happy to work with Megableu with their new game “Beat the Flush”. If you watch the video below you can get a little idea of how Beat the Flush works. It looks like lots of fun. I’ve provided quite a few voiceovers for Megableu and it’s a genuine pleasure to work with their director. And, if nothing else, it’s always fun to say their brand name in French... the simple joys of being a voiceover artist!


A Little Bit About Megableu

For anyone who hasn’t played one of Megableu’s countless board games, you really are missing out. They are very much aimed at a younger audience, but games like Beat the Flush would be fun for anyone. Have a look at Megableu’s website to get a good look at their entire selection of games; they do so much more than Beat the Flush. There’s Breakout, GirafFun (I did its commercial too), Trickin’ Camel, Cobrattack, the lovely Piggin’Boogers (one of the best bogey-based games!) , and Tumball (another game which I provided the voiceover for).

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Do you have a TV advertisement or project in need of a great commercial voiceover ? I’d like to make it easy for you to figure out if I'm right for your project or your brand in general, so I'm more than happy to send you a sample of your script. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

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