Megableu's Tumball Voice

I provided voiceover for the TV ad for Megableu's new game Tumball

My Voiceover on Megableu’s Tumball TV Commercial

As I’ve said before on my blog, I really enjoy doing TV ad voiceovers for games and anything for children; with kids’ ads, you’re almost always talking about a game or something thats fun. If only all adult advertisements were about games, too… I’m used to doing lots of children’s ads on the runup to Christmas; it really is the best time of year. Megableu makes so many fun games and I’ve worked with them before on other TV ad voiceovers, so it’s always great when someone gets back in touch with another voiceover job for me!


A Little More About Tumball

I always love a name that’s also a pun, and Tumball is game about tumbling balls, so kudos to Megableu on the punage! Tumball is a beautifully designed game. Like all of the best games, the principle is pretty simple: you have to stack the white balls on top of the hanging coloured balls. If you set the white balls down to roughly, they’ll tumble…

And there's more...

You can take a look at all of the games on Megableu’s website, some of which I’ve provided voiceover work for, such as Beat the Flush. It’s always fun working with Megableu; they have some brilliantly creative ideas for kids games and I can’t wait until my daughter is a little older so that we can play a few of them together.

Get in touch

If you’re making a TV commercial or are working on a project that needs my commercial voiceover skills, then I’m definitely interested in working with you. And to make it easier for you to work out if I'm right for your project, I'm more than happy to record a sample of your script for free. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

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