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An commercial voiceover for another big name brand

I recently recorded voiceover for Mentos, who were promoting a new online reward system for their customers. Lately, it seems like I get voiceover jobs on a weekly basis from big brands that have been around for a long time. Sometimes it's a TV or radio advert, and sometimes it's the voice of the telephone system or an in-store announcement system. However, most often I'm asked to be the voice for web and explainer videos. While many explainer videos are a little longer and more in-depth, this one for Mentos is short and to the point, which was all the time I needed to get the message across in the video!


What is Mentos Me and You?

The Mentos Me and You system is pretty simple: sign up by registering a few details, enter the 9-digit code found on special single rolls and multi packs to unlock special experiences to share with your nearest and dearest! Select the offer you want and follow the instructions provided. There are lots of fun rewards, so the only decision you need to make is whose day you're going to make when you bring them along for the ride! Mentos have made a really nifty little explainer video and I'm glad they chose me to provide the voiceover.

Need a voice for your web video or promotion?

I'm trusted by big brands, and have extensive experience providing voiceover for explainer videos and TV advertisements. Have a look at a few of my showreels and let me know if you need something similar for your promo or campaign. If it's helpful, I'm happy to send you a sample of your script first, to help you hear if my voice is right for your brand. Please feel free to get in touch today to tell me more about your project.

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