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Another big name brand.

It seems like weekly I get jobs as a VO Artist from a brand thats been around for many years. If it's not a tv or radio advert, or the voice of the telephone system or in-store, I'm also asked daily to be the voice for web and explainer videos. Short and too the point. And you can't get much shorter than these for Mentos.


What is Mentos Me and You?

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Need a voice for your web video or promotion?

Trusted by big name brands, can I help with your next promotion? Let me help if this is the style you need for your promo or campaign. I'd love to send you a sample first to see if my voice is right for your brand. Click to the contact page now, tell me more and lets get to work.

Sport Relief Movie Voice

Sport Relief Movie Voice

Because I see Voiceover

Because I see Voiceover

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Apple Voiceover

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