MMX Hill Climb Trailer Voiceover

Another day, another job, MMX Hill Climb Trailer Voiceover. I downloaded this game after the trailer was released. WOW! It's awesome!

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It's awesome! It never ceases to amazing me what these game designers can now squeeze onto a mobile phone. This is a world I love being part of. Made by Hutch Games of which I've voiced trailers for them before including Smash Bandits. You might also like to check out some of my other game trailer voiceovers

MMX Hill Climb Trailer Voiceover

MMX Hill Climb Trailer Voiceover

The most crazy, addictive & FUN physics based racing game ever made.

- Upgrade your truck and own the leaderboard.

- Race your friends & let them know who's the best.

- Loads of courses and vehicles including the Big Rig, the Tank and the Muscle Classic

MMX Hill Climb is the explosive follow up to massively successful MMX Racing. Download and play today.

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Have you got a game trailer or a promo video and you need a voice for it, maybe like this MMX Hill Climb Trailer Voiceover? Please get in touch. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage of the production and I can quote you more accurately. Feel free to send a short sample of the script and I'd be more than happy to send you a short audition to check if my voice is right for your show or project.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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