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One great voice I can't do personally.

I've tried over the years to imitate Morgan Freeman's voice but I've never come as close as I'd like. Mr Freeman has such an incredible voice it would be a shame to do it badly for someone. I think a good voiceover artist knows their limits and doesn't sell something they can't deliver. However, a friend of mine called Bradley Hyland Johns can do a great Morgan Freeman voice. Brad has a natural gravitas to his voice and I think he is pretty close here. I like to recommend other voiceover artists I know if my voice isn't the perfect fit for a client. If you'd like to hear some of the voices in my repertoire, check out my character voiceover showreel or even my tried-and-tested David Attenborough voice.


Who is Bradley Hyland Johns?

Bradley Hyland Johns has been working his voice for decades and he is ready to heat things up for you! He resonates with an astounding range and unwavering control that comes packaged with fun, passion and an absolute dedication to his craft. He is a professionally trained voice-athlete with a tremendous range of voice characters to share and also has that guy-next-door approachability and believability needed for commercial or non-broadcast applications. I like to recommend other voiceover artists for the job; check out my recommended female voiceover artists and my recommended child voiceover artists!

Get in touch today

If you are looking for a Morgan Freeman style voice, do please get in touch. I'll get Brad to send you a sample first to see if the voice is right for your promo or project. Whether you need a good Morgan Freeman voice, another impression, or something else altogether, please feel free to get in touch and tell me more about your project.

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