Moskito Guard explainer video

Just a simple an effective campaign for Mosquito repellent. Quirky animation and voice to suit.

I've swatted another voice over

I saw the animation and was pleased when the direction came to make the voice over slightly quirky too.
I don't want to sound cocky but I nailed this by take 2. As I said to the client, when the script is well written like this was, voicing it should be a breeze.
A product which we've used when in the far east.


What is Moskito Guard?

A DEET-free insect repellent, scientifically proven to help provide protection against biting insects both at home and abroad.
Some of it's features. +8 hours protection, Pleasant fragrance, Water resistant, Non-greasy, DEET & alcohol free, Includes 20% Picaridin & Moisturises skin.
In a nutshell, a bloody good product. Go buy it!

Need a voice?

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