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I was asked to provide the My Corporate Video voice. I have been working with this company for a number of years so jumped at the chance to be their voice.

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I've been working with My Corporate Video for a while now; they need good voiceover work and I'm always up for a new challenge. So, it was an extra special treat when they asked me to provide the voiceover for their own company video. There's something very novel about a company who makes corporate videos making a video for itself. Needless to say, they're very good at what they do. As a voiceover artist, it's always better when I'm working with a great script. If you'd like a few examples of my work, check out my explainer videos my commercial voiceovers and some of my more fun character voiceovers.

My Corporate Video voice

So, who are My Corporate Video?

A corporate video for your business in just 5 days and for an amazing price! Imagine being able to create a 60 second animated corporate video for your business, including: your logo branding professional scripting professional animation professional voiceover production grade music I've worked with these guys for a long time now and I'm very impressed with the quality of their work.

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If you are looking for a style similar to this for My Corporate Video, please get in touch. Send me part of the script. I'll gladly send you a short voice a sample first to see if my voice is right for what you are creating. Feel free to get in touch and tell me more.

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