Phil Collins 2017 Tour Voice

Back on the road and needing a few quid, nice to voice the advert.

A musical legend! I'm thrilled!

This guy was a huge part of my early years. So to play a small part in this was cool. During October my voice was heard on 14 different TV ads running across various networks. Seems like everyone is on tour. I also voiced Bill Bailey's and Rob Brydons's tours too. This job is so unpredictable but at the same time the most fun.


Who is Phil Collins?

Really? The world knows him. Phil Collins is a 51 year old English singer, drummer, songwriter, record producer, actor and singer. He is the drummer and lead singer of the rock band Genesis and is also a solo artist. Responsible for a string of massive hits in the 80's including In the air tonight, Another day in paradise and Against all odds.

Got a tv ad and need a voice?

Daily it's a pleasure to be asked and a privilege to put my voice on gigs like this. If I can help with yours and If you have some of the script ready, do let me send a short audition to see if my style will fit the project. Do use the contact page to let me know more. I'd love to help.

Boov Pop Game Trailer

Boov Pop Game Trailer

Radio 1 Bank Holiday Sale Promo


Pathe News Voiceover

Pathe News Voiceover

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