Poundland Dracula Halloween Voice Over

A spooky voice for a spooky time of year...

My Dracula Voiceover for Poundland this Halloween

I love Halloween for a number of reasons — not least because it gives me the opportunity to try out some spookier voiceovers for various advertisements and promotions. This year, Poundland got in touch with a Halloween version of their self-checkout scripts and asked me for my best Dracula impression. I've got a great Halloween voiceover showreel but being asked to do this job highlighted a huge gap in my job history: I hadn't yet performed the voice of Dracula! Of course, like any self-respecting voiceover artist, I was able to pull out a great little Dracula voice with a moment's notice!


A little more about Poundland's Halloweeny checkouts

I usually like to put in a little bit of information here about whichever company I've worked with, but there's little point in telling you more about Poundland as most of us in the UK will have already been to our fair share of Poundland stores. Poundland is a large chain of stores that offer great savings on all kinds of products. They fully embrace Halloween each year, with lots of spooky costumes, decorations, and sweeties in store. If you watch the video, you'll hear my Dracula voiceover guide me (yes, that's me in the video!) through my checkout experience.

Get in touch

If you need a spooky Dracula voice for your self-checkout system, a TV ad, or perhaps even for a cartoon project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to hear from people keen to work with me! And if you need to make absolutely sure my voice is right for your next project, I am more than happy to provide a free sample from your script.

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