Renton Trainspotting Choose Life

From the 1996 movie by Danny Boyle here is my impersonation of the Scottish voice by Ewan McGregor

Where can you get a Renton impersonation?

As a character voiceover Renton was one of the earliest voices I was able to mimic. I loved how Ewan McGregor delivered the words. Sort of cascading out his mouth in a flurry of anger and excitement. The film was fantastic and at eh time in 1996 I must have watched it a dzen times and I fell in love with this sequence.


Character Voices

When I set out on this journey 80% of my work was characters. Lots of radio commercials were written with a multitude of characters but these days it seems less about the creative and more about the brand and the message. I miss the days of multiple voices in commercials but times move on and budgets get squeezed. However my character work is still in demand now a lot on BBC Bitesize.

Are you looking for a Renton Choose Life Impression?

Lovely! Step right in my friend. Fill in the form and send me an enquiry. Giving me the usage info allows me to better quote you. Choose Life... Choose Me!

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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