Safe Style advert voice

Brand new for 2015, Safe Style took a great new fresh approach with this amazing campaign.

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Following on from that bloke with the long hair and Reg from Coronation Street voicing the adverts for many years, they slowed down the pace a little with this one. "You should be changing your windows" Nice to be a part of this national brand. I like the style of this commercial; it has a relaxed UK daytime TV vibe. If you'd like to check out some examples of similar work I've done, check out my Zalando, SEAT Hidden Heroes, and, Vodaphone videos.

Safe Style advert voice

Safe Style Advert

Safe Style started out small in a single unit in Bradford in West Yorkshire 1992, and their simple values and no-nonsense attitude were there from the start. That down to earth approach has served them extremely well over the years and they're not about to change it now. They now have forty branches across the country and ten installation depots supplying over £124 million worth of doors and windows every year. That makes them leaders in the industry today.

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