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Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

Guy gets a lot of Christmas-related voiceover work in the run-up to Christmas, and here’s a blog post all about the various voices of Christmas you can expect at this time of year. Most people love Christmas and look forward to it every year, and Christmas music plays an important role! In fact, many of us don’t feel properly festive until we’ve heard our favourite Christmas song. A quick search on Google will show you that there are thousands of searches every year asking when Christmas music will start on various radio stations. This is why we made Santa Radio: the biggest online Christmas radio station.

Bring the Christmas Music to You

Whenever you start hanging your decorations and getting in the mood for Christmas, you’ll need Christmas music just as a cup of tea needs a biscuit. This is why Santa Radio exists! Rather than flicking through your various favourite radio stations, looking for a Christmas song, Santa Radio has all of the Christmas music you could ever want, on a dedicated online radio station.

Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

So, whether you need Bing Crosby, Slade, or Wham to get your Christmas on, Santa Radio is the best place to go! You can take a look through our extensive Christmas music collection and even make suggestions if we’ve missed out one of your favourite Christmas songs.

Here are a few of the festive favourites you can expect:

  • Frank Sinatra – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  • Band Aid – Do They Know It's Christmas
  • Aled Jones – Walking In The Air
  • The Pogues – Fairytale of New York
  • Wham! – Last Christmas
  • Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas
  • Frank Sinatra – White Christmas
  • Each song link on the website will give you the song lyrics and a link to the music video (if there is one). Have a look through the collection to see what you can expect — or get the website or app and start listening!

    Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

    Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

    How to Listen to Santa Radio

    Santa Radio is a completely online radio service and it can be accessed on the Santa Radio website, and through app stores for iOS, Android, and Amazon. With the app or on your browser, you can listen to Christmas music every day of the year! Although, admittedly, the number of listeners does drop a little after the Christmas period… Once you have the app, you can listen to your heart’s content. If you’re enjoying a song you can tap the ‘Lyrics’ button on your app or on your browser and the lyrics will come onto your screen seamlessly. The app also tells you how many sleeps until Christmas — just in case you need to keep the big day in sight!

    Personalised Messages from Santa

    Another perk of the Santa Radio website and apps is the Personalised Santa Messages feature. Search for your name to find a special message from Santa mentioning you personally! It helps having one of Britain’s busiest, most-accomplished Santa voiceover artists on hand as Guy has recorded hundreds of messages mentioning almost every name imaginable — from Aaliyah, Aaron, and Aayan, to Zoey, Zoya, and Zuzanna! It’s a lot of fun to hear Santa mention you by name and it’s a great thing to show young children who are particularly excited about Santa. There’s also a Santa Soundboard with a range of pre-recorded messages from Santa!

    Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

    Santa Radio: The Biggest Online Christmas Radio Station

    Guy Harris’s Santa voiceover work is second to none and if you need his voiceover expertise for your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Guy’s turnaround time is very fast and he’s more than happy to provide you with a sample so that you can make sure his voice is the right fit for your brand. Alternatively, if you’re an advertiser or sponsor and you’d like to get involved with Santa Radio in some way, please get in touch. We’re happy to work with a wide range of brands and businesses, so give us a bell!

    Considering how important Christmas music is, we think our dedicated online Christmas Radio station is pretty special service, and we hope you do too! And we hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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