Seat Hidden Heroes Adrian

A pleasure to be working with SEAT on a series of videos. The Hidden Heroes will reveal some of the incredible people working behind the scenes to bring you their incredible vehicles.

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Next time you're listening to a cool track while cruising down the motorway in your SEAT, spare a thought for one of the people who made the superior sound possible - Adrian Mateo Presser, SEAT's guru behind the impressive car acoustics.

So nice to be working with SEAT on the Hidden Heroes and more so to deliver this job in a very relaxed pace. Especially when compared to some of my other work. If you'd like to listen to my voiceover work on some other car-related videos, check out my RAC Car Passport video.

Seat Hidden Heroes Adrian

Seat Hidden Heroes Adrian

You might think a pumped-up sound system is a given for quality cars nowadays, but to get the perfect audio balance takes a blend of technological know-how and a finely tuned ear. Adrian Mateo Presser is SEAT's man behind the music, providing a premium listening experience for every SEAT owner. His office is a 34m2 soundproof studio hidden deep inside the Spanish car company's HQ just outside Barcelona, where he experiments with sound to find out how to strike the right note with motorists. You can find out more the range of cars and services available on Seat's website.

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This is the Seat Hidden Heroes Adrian Mateo Presser video. There are more in this series. If you are looking for a voice similar to this tone and pace for your promo video or explainer video , then get in touch. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage of the project and I can quote you more accurately. Feel free to send a short sample of the script and I'd be more than happy to send you a short audition to check if my voice is right for your brand.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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