Taploma Explainer Video Voiceover

This time it's the Taploma Explainer Video Voiceover. On a daily basis I receive requests for these short web video.

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Google loves video content and if you don't have a video on your website, you are missing out on potentially longer browsing sessions on your website. Videos help keep users on your website, improving your website's bounce rate. Taploma opted for an explainer video because their product is just a little too complex to get across in a shorter TV or web ad. I'm doing more and more explainer videos over the years, as companies see the benefits of producing well-written videos that clearly describe their service. I'm really pleased with the finished video for Taploma, and they are too.

Taploma Explainer Video Voiceover

But what is Taploma?

Taploma is a powerful learning platform that's easy & fun to use. Taploma enables teachers/trainers to build courses, assign them to learners and accurately track the results. The best part of Taploma is that it is a cloud-based training system, which means you can get set up without the need for installations and IT support. You can begin creating your courses in no time.
I never get the same job twice, so it's always great when I new job comes along in an industry I haven't worked in before. Taploma are at the top of their industry and I'm thrilled to have my voice associated with their brand!

Get in touch

If you have an explainer video and wanting a style similar to this Taploma Explainer Video Voiceover? Please get in touch. and if you'd like to see more explainer videos, check out my Dubai Advantage and composting explainer video to get a better idea. To make the process easier, just let me know the intended usage of the production, and I can quote you more accurately. Feel free to send a sample of the script and I'd be more than happy to send you an audition to check if my voice is right for your production or project.

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