Technopolis trailer voice

What is Technopolis?

The event needed a deep powerful style for the Technopolis Trailer voice, a little like some of the voices I've done for film and game trailers. This looks like a great event. 1 which I've got tickets for. It would be good to meet up with some other game designers and developers. A place where connections are made. Where each interaction leads to another. Where ideas flourish. Where the network doesn’t just expand. It evolves. ICE Technopolis is coming to you! (It always helps when the voiceover script is well written!)

Technopolis trailer voice

What is Technopolis?

Technopolis is part of Ice London, a game developer based in London. They have put together these networking events to ensure that all of the best talent in the gaming industry can meet and figure out how to work together. This level of cooperation is great and I'm massively in favour of it. I think my deep voice gives this promo an almost superhero-film feel that works really well.

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