Veevar Guitar Tutorial Voiceover

My voice explaining how Veevar Guitar's great guitar tutorial app works!

Veevar's Guitar Tutorial Explainer Video

I've said it a few times before, but explainer videos are pretty much the best way to get complex information across to your audience. This is because they combine animation with clear, well-written voiceover. Veevar is a guitar-teaching service, so clarity and presentation are absolutely essential to their brand. If you'd like to see a few other examples, check out my explainer video page and a couple of specific examples, such as my Experian explainer video, or my Easy Markets explainer video. I do a lot of these explainer videos and I really enjoyed working with Veevar on this as I got to voice the promo and all the online tutorials, so it was a pretty big job!


Who are Veevar Guitar?

Veevar Guitar is a dedicated guitar-teaching service aimed at helping both students and teachers. If you're a guitar teacher looking for a great app to support your teaching methods, chances are you won't find anything as in-depth as Veevar Guitar. If you're learning guitar and you want an app that gives you HD videos, sheet music, tablature, and a host of other functions, then Veevar Guitar is perfect for you. So much care has gone into the design of the app's interface; it was clearly written by people who understand that different students learn guitar in different ways, so they've thought of different solutions to a range of different potential problems. It's just a very impressive service.

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If you're producing a TV or web promo or perhaps an explainer video a little like Veevar Guitar's, then I most certainly want to hear from you! Whatever your voiceover needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch! If you're not sure whether my voice is quite right for your project, I'm more than happy to send over a free sample from your script so that you can see/hear if I'm a good fit for your video! I'm fast, professional, and incredibly easy to work with.

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