Vintage TV Santa voice

I love Christmas, and it's always a pleasure to don my red hat and provide the voice of Santa for anyone in need!

The Sound of Santa for Vintage TV

Christmas is a very busy time of year for voiceover artists with a decent Santa voice in their repertoire, and I'm no exception!

This year, I provided Santa and other Christmassy voiceover work for Heart, XFM, and countless other productions. Then I was contacted by Vintage TV — a great vintage music TV channel that's on all the time in my house! Vintage TV needed me to help Santa out as he was too busy to get to their studios to provide his own voiceover to make the festive period sound more like Christmas. I jumped at the opportunity and you can hear the finished product on the link provided.


Working with Vintage TV

Vintage TV is a brilliant television channel in the UK that specialises in vintage music and music-related programs. Available on Sky, Virgin, and Freesat, there are various ways to tune in and enjoy a channel that is completely dedicated to vintage music. Obviously, Christmas music is a very special part of the season, and many of the songs have been around for decades. Christmas music is all about nostalgia factor, which is why Vintage TV is jam-packed with Christmas music in December. I love Christmas music and I always enjoy trying out my Santa voice, so it was a brilliant chance to bring the two together!

Santa voice in animation

It's a lot of fun to provide the voice of Santa each year and I've been part of some amazing productions. One of my favourites jobs was working with Cbeebies, who needed my voice of Santa for their GoJetters Christmas Special.


Need the Voice of Santa for Your Next Project?

If you're looking for the voice of Santa, then please feel free to get in touch.
I try to make the process as easy as possible, and to give you a very accurate quote, so just let me know the intended length or your recording and I'll do the rest. Also feel free to send a sample of your script; I'll send you a short audition so you can check to see if my voice is right for your project!

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