Voiceover Baby

I couldn't help but launch Voiceover Baby, getting my beautiful 5 day old daughter into the studio the moment she started making noises.

Why now?

Well, a university education isn't cheap so if you'd like to help fund it by purchasing baby noises then please get in touch.
We would all be very grateful.

Voiceover Baby

When is she available?

In-between Nappy changes and feeding, little  Voice over Baby is available for you. Although she can't always perform on demand, she has certainly recorded some lovely high quality audio already. 

Voiceover Baby

Are you kidding? Of course. Domain name purchased and here it is. http://www.voiceoverbaby.co.uk. Audio demos are available to listen to on the site and recorded in high quality on a Neumann Newborn Mic.
So, if you need some baby noises, hiccups, sneezes, crying or breathing for a National TV campaign or National Radio campaign, then do let us know. She'd love to book her first gig.

Commercial Voiceover

Siegecraft Commander Trailer Voice


Horizon Zero Dawn Attenborough


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