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On a regular basis I get many enquiries on how to get into the world of voiceover. I happily write back with some pointers and links to the various blogs I've written including, Client retention, How I started, Working as a voiceover and demo tips. Then I'm also asked if I'd do coaching. I've always insisted there are plenty of great coaches out there and chose not to do it on the basis that I can only tell you how to do it like me and not you.


Why I now coach and what do you get?

Voiceover has been good to me over 20 years, so sign up NOW if you want to make a shit load of money.
You'll get me for 2 hours on Skype to ask me anything! I'll share marketing secrets, how to get your website working for you, how to find new clients and keep them, how to survive not being on Pay 2 Play websites, how to use social media effectively and how to do a client session script 20 times without losing the will to live!

How much does it cost?

For all the skills you need and more, it's a bargain price of £45,000 or $60,000 or €110,000 (God knows what the rate is)
This is a bargain if you are serious about a career in voiceover.
Places are limited to 10 as I want to buy a £450,000 Yacht. So if you want a slot, do get in touch today and lets get started. With any luck you'll make it all back in your first 6 years! Get in touch now.

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Penarium Opening Credits

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Smoke Signal Voice

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