Waitrose Real Great Ingredients — Calm, Natural Voiceover

Another classic, calm, natural voiceover, only this time it's for Waitrose — one of the best supermarket brands in the world.

Voicing Waitrose's New Ad

Waitrose got in touch to ask me to voice one of their new internet ads. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to work with one of the biggest supermarket brands in the world. As you can see/hear from the clip, the ad is just a standard, up-close look at some high-quality food and they asked me to provide them with a calm, confident, natural voiceover — which is the voice I often do on many of my explainer videos. If you'd like to hear some of my other, simiar work, you might also like to check out my commercial voiceovers.


A little background on Waitrose

Of course, Waitrose probably doesn't need any introduction as it's one of the biggest supermarket brands in the world. But I always like to do a little research on the companies I work with. Founded in 1904 by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose, and David Taylor, Waitrose began its life as a small grocery store. It gradually picked up momentum, open more and more stores before it was bought by John Lewis. Needless to say, this is when the brand really took off. Waitrose is a brilliant company with an extremely high-quality brand voice, so I'd love to work with them again. I think the ad they produced was great and I'm pleased with my voiceover. Check out my ad on the Waitrose UAE Facebook page.

Get in touch!

If you're working on an ad of some kind and you'd like something similar to this voiceover I did for Waitrose, please feel free to contact me. I'm always happy to hear from new people and to discuss new projects. I have a studio at home which allows me to respond to work requests very quickly, usually getting the voiceover recorded and sent back to my clients on the same day they're requested. If you need it, I can also provide a sample from your voiceover script, which will allow you to hear whether or not my voice is right for your project.

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