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I'm very lucky to be able to work with so many great brands on a daily basis. And there are few brands as big or as impressive as IBM. IBM's The Weather Company has a highly evolved, deeply complex weather forecast service that is just too detailed to do justice with the usual TV ad. This is where explainer videos come in, as they take a little more time to clearly explain what exactly is so good about a particular brand or service. If you've gone above and beyond to ensure that your company is the best at what it does, then perhaps you need an explainer video to explain all of the extra special measures you've taken? IBM opted for an explainer video and I think it turned out beautifully!


Who are the Weather Company?

The Weather Company is a weather forecasting and information technology company run by tech giant IBM. Because adverse or unexpected weather can drastically affect certain businesses, causing millions in damages each year, The Weather Company has taken advantage of IBM's extensive technical know-how to create the most accurate and practical weather forecasting service in the world, with insights for millions of consumers and thousands of businesses. There is so much behind The Weather Company's complicated process, so this film explains the ins and outs of their service is a lot of detail, but clearly — with a lovely crisp voiceover, I might add!

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If you're considering making an explainer video for your product or service and you'd like to know more about about it, check out my explainer video page. Think about your own service and whether you could benefit from something detail-heavy but conversational like this video for The Weather Company. If you have a good idea of the video's likely usage, I will be able to give you a better, more accurate, quote. If you have some of the script ready, let me know and I'll send an audition over to help you to see (or hear) if my style and tone will fit your project. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about my services, explainer videos, or anything else voiceover related!

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