Whitworths Explainer Voiceover

This one, the Whitworths Explainer Voiceover was another great job. This relaxed read suits the brand perfectly.

Lets talk about what they do.

Keep your little ones entertained this school holiday with Whitworths' Sweet Summer Activities for Kids! Learn how to bring a flutter of colour to your garden with this super easy-to-make butterfly feeder. It was great to work with Whitworths Sugar and it was a great experience to produce something so wholesome! I think explainer videos can be the best way to convey complex information to your audience, and Whitworths Sugar has taken advantage of this to make something truly valuable for their audience. If you'd like to see a few more examples of explainer videos, check out my explainer video page and perhaps some of my shorter commercial voiceovers .

Whitworths Explainer Voiceover

A little more about Whitworths Sugar

Whotworths has been in the sugar business for almost 100 years and they are known around the country for their high-quality sugar. They make a point of travelling to different parts of the World to find all of the best ingredients for their products. Because Whitworths markets themselves as a family friendly company, you'll find lots of tips like the ones in this video, along with recipes and other goodies on their website.

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