Why I’m rarely on social media

Ever since 2016, I’ve spent much less time on social media. As some clients, friends, and family ask me about this from time to time, I thought it might be a good idea to write a blog post explaining myself a little.

Becoming a dad gave me a huge change of perspective

Like many people around my age, having a baby is one of the biggest perspective changers; so, when my daughter was born in 2016, I re-evaluated parts of my life. I realised that I was spending far too much time in front of a screen, scrolling through social media. Because I have an analytical mind, I broke down the time I spent on social media and I was appalled with what I found. I might not have been wasting as much time as some people, but the amount of time spent doing something I didn’t particularly enjoy bothered me. This video confirms and articulates many of the fears I had about social media.


So much wasted time and energy

On Facebook, I noticed the amount of time wasters telling me that they’d just poured themselves a glass of wine or cleaned their house and I realised that I didn’t care about those details. I was guilty of taking pictures of food and posting them, but that didn't last long when I asked myself the question, "Would I have done this ten years ago and called 400+ people and told them what I was eating?" Of course not! Social media can be a great tool but was becoming a big waste of my time. Time better spent doing the more productive things like growing my businesses and enjoying being a daddy.

Important takeaways form this video

There is a lot of information in this video, so I’ve included some highlights that might interest you.
— Social media companies hire people whose sole job is to hold people’s attention. Their job is to manipulate and distract you.
—If you spend large portions of your day in a “state of fragmented attention”, where your concentration is constantly broken up by little things (checking Facebook likes, retweets on Twitter, etc), this can permanently reduce your capacity for concentration.
—There is plenty of evidence from studies carried out in Stanford University that the spike in dopamine you get from finding messages, notifications, likes, interactions on your mobile phone is similar to the amount of dopamine your brain receives when under the influence of cocaine.
—There is also proof that the constant exposure to Facebook updates that highlight the best parts of people’s lives, portraying them as better than they really are, can make people feel depressed and inadequate. With Facebook and Instagram, people only show the best parts of their lives, and they edit these moments, applying filters that ensure their lives look perfect. But no one’s life is perfect and no one jumps from one perfectly photographical moment to the next. Life is not the highlight reel.

I’m a voice artist, and that’s how I spend my time!

Ever since I abandoned social media, I’ve had so much more time to dedicate to my voiceover work. I almost always get my voiceovers back to clients on the same day they’re asked for and I have built up the explainer video and game trailer portions of my business. I’m a voiceover artist, I love my work and I love spending a good portion of my day getting work done, without distractions. But an email or call from a potential client is never a distraction and I’m always happy for you to get in touch. I’m trusted by big-name brands around the World, and I have a large portfolio of commercial and character-driven work. Why not add your company to my portfolio…

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