13 Dead End Drive Voiceover

The voice of the murder mystery board game from IDEAL, as heard on the telly!

What is 13 Dead End Drive?

The murder mystery mansion game with 12 suspects, 5 traps and only 1 survivor!
Aunt Agatha, a famous billionaire, has passed away. Leaving behind no direct descendants, her close friends and employees are all in with a chance to inherit her vast fortune. But money makes people greedy and only one will make it out of the mansion alive with the riches… will you be the lucky one?


An older professional British male voice

What ever style you are looking for, do have a listen to some of the demos here on the website. Maybe for some inspiration as to what you could achieve.
There is a voice for all occasions. Try the characters page for a plethora of styles all performed by one man.
Hey, don't forget, this is the voice of Santa ofr everyone, so you are in good hands.

Where can you get a quirky older sounding voice?

Trusted by global brands including IDEAL, fill in the form and let us know what you need, how many words and how it's to be used.
Usually responding within an hour and voiced the same day.
I look forward to working with you. ​

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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