Character Voices Showreel

A section of some of the voices I can deliver for you animation or project.

A voice for every occasion.

Welcome to my new character voices showreel. One of the things about this industry that I really love is the chance to play with characters or unique styles for odd projects.
On a daily basis I never know quite what jobs are going to come in, but when a script calls for a unique voice for a game, game trailer, an app, a trailer, explainer, or a promo video, it's always fun dreaming up a style to suit.

Character Voices Showreel

Character Voices Showreel

With more and more apps arriving daily to the smart phone app stores, there is a huge chance to create and develop more characters. It's certainly a part of this crazy world of voiceover that I love being part of.
It's a massive help if I have a picture of the character I'm creating for. It helps to understand quite how they could talk. Then, working with the producer the fun part comes deciding on what it sounds like. I hope you enjoy my showreel.

Get in touch

Maybe you have a project that needs a character voice? Please get in touch. I'm more than happy to send you a short voice a sample first based on your brief to see if my voice is right for your project. Tell me more about your brand and let's see if we can find the find character voice for your project..

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