Character Voices Song

Back in 2004 I put together a little audio demo of some of my character voices.

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Now whilst I realise some of these are a little dated, I thought it deserved to be made into HD as a couple of producers reminded me of it and how much they liked it. This was a while ago, but I still like a lot of these impressions. Most of them were pretty bang on, even back in 2004! Give it a watch and see what you think. If you'd like to listen o more of my character voices, check out my character showreel and perhaps my most famous impression: my David Attenborough voice.

Character Voices Song

Character Voices Song

This is something thats on my list of things to update and produce a new version with some of the newer characters I can now do. However, I think there are plenty in here that are still pretty relevant and popular today as they were back then. When work slows down and I find several hours spare to write, voice, and record it, I will do. A lot of people ask me how I do impressions and the quickest answer is practice. The longer answer is that I listen to everyone and just have a lot of fun trying to sound like them. If you're having fun, practice never really feels like practice!

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Are you looking for some impressions for your next show or TV ad? Just get in touch and tell me more about your project. If it helps, I can provide you with a sample of your script to help you hear whether I'm right for your project.

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