Goblin Voice for Clash of Clans

Supercell are a great client and I've voiced various parts for them over the years, so this was a pleasure to do too.

How does a Goblin sound?

Good question and exactly what I asked when I was booked. Well Finnish was a good start. I believe to those in Finland some of what I recorded may make sense. "Tahpakkee miut.", "Ketäs tie tyyppi o?", "Puren mielummin käteni irti ku oon tässä". This was a fun session learning how to speak Finnish and with a Goblin voice.
Do check out my other characters. Although my lines and part is rather small, the promo is HUGE had received over 4m views at the time of writing this.


What is Clash of Clans?

If you haven't heard of clash of clans, then where have you been. It's a mobile strategy video game developed by game developer Supercell in Finland. Players can team up to create clans, groups of up to fifty people who can then participate in Clan Wars together, donate and receive troops, and chat with each other.
Although I've played various parts and worked on little bits and pieces for Supercell over the years, however I've not yet had the time to play it. I'm waiting for my daughter to get to that age so I can watch.

Where do I find a character voiceover?

As a character voiceover myself, I'd love to help. I'm more than happy to test read/audition lines for your project. With my studio being as good as any London studio, I can voice it all remotely and you can dial in to direct it as the team at Supercell did. Do get in touch and lets see how I can help. I look forward to bringing your characters to life.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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