Boom Beach Hammerman

It was a pleasure working with SuperCell for this character voice on such an awesome game.

Boom Beach Videos

This was one of my favourite voiceover sessions. Not only am I a fan of the game but was constantly seeing these Boom Beach trailers in my social media feed and always wanted to voice one of them.
Then along came the chance. It was also fun as I had to film my mouth too so they could animate the character's mouth to mine.
Seeing the end result confirmed to me, SuperCell as awesome game creators and animators. A pleasure working on this. I love voicing game characters and game trailers and you might like to also check out my Lifeless and Penarium game trailers.

Boom Beach Hammerman Voice

Who is Hammerman?

Well, he is the blackguard commander. With a square nose, cubic ears, a scarred left eye he is pretty scary looking. He has the military force attempting to take over the islands of the Archipelago and enslave its inhabitants. Hammerman has 10 bases scattered across the map and are known as Hammerman's HQ. He is the antagonist of Boom Beach.
He reappeared in 2021 in his Heinous Hot Tub.

In search of a character voice?

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If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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