Voiceover Studio Finder

Voiceover Studio Finder allows voices to book one while travelling, and agencies the chance to book one nearer the artist.

Why create this listings site?

Firstly, I've made money hiring my studio to other voices including actors from Emmerdale. Secondly, I read a blog from a fellow voice artist He talked of looking for nearby studios when he was away.
I felt there was a gap in the market to create something that not only helped other voices but a facility to help agencies book actors or voices into nearby studios without the expense of getting them to major cities. "There are some great studios outside the big cities"

Voiceover Studio Finder

How does it work?

Sign up for free. Create a profile and add some pictures and header. Detail what you offer and highlight your location anywhere in the world. Thats it!
Not only does having a page have some nice benefits back to your own site, but if you have a web site thats a bit out of date or it costs you lots to update it, then we've made it super easy for you to customise and update your page.

Using Studio Finder

Everything begins at the search bar on the homepage. Either click Current Location, or enter the destination you are at and click Find Studios. Choose a radius of how far you are prepared to travel. If something pops up, click the page to read more.
If you want to book the studio, the contact form allows you to deal direct with the studio. The website acts purely as a listing service.
We've also teamed up with Source Elements to allow you to embed Source Connect NOW into your profile. This is an awesome feature. Add your SCN username and thats it. It allows your client to connect with you on your profile page where they can also read more about you during a voice session.
We do have the voiceover studio finder premium membership which allows a whole bunch of extra features for very little money too. (This helps fund the development of the site)
There is also the option to become a verified studio. With a great profile of quality content and active social media activity, will give you a chance to be verified.
So, why not sign up? If you are a recording studio or a voiceover with a great studio and you'd like to make some extra money when you are not working, join for free today.
Please do also visit my page on the site.

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