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Have you ever wished people would say “you’ve got a nice voice”? Well, all voices work on air – you just need to know how to use yours a little better! Richard Di Britannia’s method of helping people cultivate a great voice is unique. Most coaches work on turning vibrant, natural accents into an old hierarchical relic of the past called ‘received pronunciation’ by repeating boring tongue twisters – leaving students spending their days worried about slipping back into their native tongue when they get tired or excited. Is all that stress really necessary? Richard doesn't think so, that’s why his method polishes your natural voice rather than forces you to fake an accent for the rest of your life.


Who is Richard Di Britannia?

After becoming mute and teaching himself how to talk again, author Richard Di Britannia became a voice actor, audiobook narrator and voice coach who is now heard by thousands around the world. He’s offered bespoke coaching on vocal confidence, communication skills and public speaking techniques to beginner voice actors, non-native speakers, business leaders and people who just need pointing in the right direction. He’s also a best-selling, international author with his work ‘Speak and Be Heard: 101 Vocal Exercises for Voice Actors, Public Speakers and Professionals’.

Coaching or Voiceover?

Do get in touch with Richard if you are looking for improvements in how you talk, communicate or voice. You are in fantastic hands.
If you have heard some audio on this site a feel Guy is the right fit for your brand, get in touch here. I work every day to cater for different countries and timezones. Drop me a line.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Voiceover

Hill Climb Racing 2 Voiceover Hill Climb Racing 2 Voiceover - A movie trailer Voice and a Hill Billy? That was the request. I said lets give it a go. I like how it turned out.

Bugs in the Kitchen

bugs-in-kitchen-voice Bugs in the Kitchen Tv Advert - The voice of another commercial on kids tv. A great fun game for kids by Ravensburger. Whatever next?! ha ha.

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Questions About Voiceover Agencies Questions About Voiceover Agencies. Just starting out and wondering if you need an agent? A guide to agencies and the pros and cons of having one.

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