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A professional, industry standard, fully-connected and engineered studio. ONLINE!

Why do I need a virtual studio?

If you've looked at booking a studio and attending a session, you'll know it can get expensive with being away from the office and travelling costs. So, stay where you are and connect with your engineer and the voice remotely.
Why Virtual VO Studio? I've been working with Chris for many years and found him one of the easiest and dedicated sound engineers to work with and have used the Virtual Studio option dozens of times.


What is Virtual VO Studio?

You've booked a voiceover for your project and you want to direct the session, but the VO artist can't facilitate this.
With Virtual VO Studio you'll send scripts and videos prior to the session, VVS will send a link where you and your team can watch and listen to your recording session with your edited and named audio delivered to your inbox before the end of the session.
Whether it's a simple voiceover recording or a huge, multicast voice-to-picture edit, all you need is your laptop and a pair of headphones, wherever you are in the world.

Want to book a virtual voiceover session?

I highly recommend Chris at Virtual VO Studio. I can confidently say you'll find no other facility offering this level of service online.
No need to fill the form in here, simply visit the VVS Website to discover how to book.
Do say hello from me to Chris. ​

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Halloween Voice

13 Dead End Drive Voiceover

13-dead-end-drive-voiceover A refined quirky older voice required for 13 Dead End Drive the game. As heard on television and socials across the UK. The murder mystery board game from IDEAL

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