Boom Beach Hammerman's heinous hot tub voice

Supercell's evil character voiceover

The Voice of Hammerman

It's been a little quiet for a while but in 2021 Hammerman was back and this trailer is just part of several new outings on line for this awesome character.
Dare I tease I've had to do some singing as Hammerman which should soon be heard. I've heard the mix and even I'm impressed.
So proud to be part of this legendary game.
It's a while since I voiced this first Hammerman promo for Boom Beach.


Custom Hammerman Messages

I do get a lot of enquiries about Hammerman and should you be looking for a personal greeting from your favourite Boom Beach character, do get in touch below.
No profanity just fun messages can be purchased and returned within 24 hours. Fill in the form and let me know what you'd like.
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Need to get in touch with Hammerman

For any enquiries about Hammerman, personal recordings or my involvement in the game do get in touch. Or if you'd like to offer me a free Hot Tub? Happy to chat or maybe you need a voice similar to this?
Drop me a message using the form here or visit my contact page and tell me more. I look forward to hearing from you.

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