Silly Moo Voiceover

Another crazy toy by Ideal Toys with a crazy silly moo voiceover to go with it. "Udder pulling dice rolling cow milking fun"

TV Advert voice

As a voice over, I'm constantly asked where people might have heard my work. When I mention kids' toys on TV, the penny drops and when I mention Doggie Doo, Gooey Louie and this crazy game: Silly Moo. I think my best excited, enthusiastic voice is just a good fit with children's commercials, as I get asked to provide voiceover for countless kids' ads every year. A lot of kid's toys are a little strange to me, but I think Silly Moo might be one of the strangest I've seen yet. But 'strange' is certainly a good thing!

Silly Moo Voiceover

What is Silly Moo?

Silly Moo is the 'udderly' funny game where you milk the cow! Milk cartons score pints but watch out for the pats as they lose you pints. When Silly Moo's eyes pop out she is fully milked so count up the score the one with the most pints wins! It's hard to think of a sillier game concept, and i love it! I wonder why so many kids games involve poo or snot..? Hmm. Anyway, this promo was a lot of fun to voice and the game is clearly a lot of fun to play!

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