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Lets think differently about what we eat!

Plant Based News

Plant Based News is a UK-based website about veganism and plant-based living, founded by Klaus Mitchell and Robbie Lockie
I'd been watching this channel for several years and had changed my food choices massively since discovering the channel.
Watching this would make more people think differently and that can only be good for our planet.


Professional Male Voiceover

Plant Based News were looking for a great Male VoiceOver to play the part of a controversial radio host.I knew exactly who they were wanting to emulate. And whilst I'm not capable of matching the voice completely, they were very happy with the voice and performance I gave.
The visuals are stunning and I was proud of the association.

Where can I get a professional British Male voiceover?

Are you looking for a British Male Voiceover to be a part of your project? Do send some of the scripts I can give a custom audition and if I'm right for the project I'd love to chat further.
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