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A great example of casual British male voiceover read for an Explainer Video.

Where can I get a professional Explainer Video Voiceover?

Right here! Voicing since for over 22 years explainer videos make up a large part of my weekly voice sessions.
I actually really enjoy voicing them as it's a free education too.
99% of work is delivered the same day and you can let me know if you need it read quicker or slower.
Some more examples of my explainer voice can be found here.


Explainer Video Voice

Most of my work is in this style, a very natural and casual delivery whilst keeping the authority of what is it is we are explaining.
A lot of my briefs ask for work similar to my Apple iPhone ads voice style.
Do feel free to ask for me to step up or down the energy so we get it just right, or even join me via Cleanfeed to get it exactly how you here it.

How can I help?

It's actually very easy. Simply fill in the form and send me an enquiry. If you can give me the details of how and where it's to be used, that will really help to give you the most accurate fee. I look forward to working with you and bring your script to life. ​

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Minecraft Handbook Voiceover

Minecraft Handbook Voiceover Minecraft Handbook Voiceover - My English movie trailer voice over was used on a fun video for the popular sandbox game. The essential guide for fans.

Breda University Commercials

breda-university-of-applied-sciences-voice The Breda University of Applied Sciences ad series was voiced by Guy Harris, the Voiceover Guy. This functions as a short explainer video. Find out more!

Natural Voiceover for Bmoji App Ad

bmoji-app-voiceover Guy Harris is the voice of the new Bmoji commercial. With Bmoji, you can create emojies that are specifically designed for you. Check out Guy's voiceover today!

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