Dead Daises Album Promo

Performing at Rockavaria Munich, this is my hard sell Voiceover for the amazing Dead Daises Album Promo.

Check out the video

This played on screens during their set at the event. The event is huge and well attended so it was awesome to be asked to voice this. I like a bit of rock as much as the next guy and I've heard lots of the album promo videos over the years. If you'd like to hear another example of this kind of voiceover, check out my Versuz video.

Dead Daises Album Promo

Dead Daises Album Promo

The Dead Daisies is an Australian American rock band and musical collective formed in 2012. Musicians Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses), Jon Stevens (INXS, Noiseworks) and David Lowy (Mink) have been involved at various times along with a rotation of top rock musicians

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If you are looking for a hard sell promo voice style for your next promo video, please get in touch. I'll gladly send you a short voice a sample first to see if my voice is right for your promo or trailer. Tell me more about your project and let's see what we can do together.

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