Count Dracula has risen and is ready!

Halloween on the way? Just need a voice to scare?

Fang-Tastic! You've found me!

Having voiced for over 21 year, there are many voices which I'm asked for each and every year and Dracula is one of them.
Halloween and Christmas are my busiest times and for good reason.
Radio commercials, in store promos or spooky voices on tv commercials, Dracula is one of my favourites to voice.
I can't wait to get my teeth into it!


You'll be coffin up for the best!

If you've had a look around my website you'll have heard a lot of my styles and my Halloween voices are very popular especially from September to October 31st.
Paultons Park radio ads, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park Fright nights to name few.
Despite being Dracular, you are in safe hands. I look forward to making your script Spook-Tacular!

Want to open the coffin to Dracula?

Despite how creepy Dracula is, he's actually a really nice person to work with. Just let me know what you need and where and how it's going to be used and I'll give you a quote. Fill in this form, or visit my contact page and tell me more about your project!

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Saturday night takeaway voice of God

Saturday night takeaway voice of God Saturday Night Takeaway voice - Such an awesome show with Ant & Dec OBE's - I provided the Voice of God Voice elements for the Takeaway Tour Aug - Sept 2014

Thomas Friends Voiceover

Thomas Friends Voiceover Thomas Friends Voiceover - Tale of the Brave the colouring and sticker book. This ad plays in UK Cinemas to Thomas fans -

Spruced Up Voiceover

Spruced Up Voiceover Spruced Up Voiceover - A great tool to enhance your pictures. Let them clean them up for you. Voice heard worldwide on TV, Radio, App, Games and Virals.

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