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A deep, characterful voice for Dharam Seva Records

My voiceover works rarely brings me the same job twice!

Anyone looking to make an advertisement an explainer video or a movie voiceover will need a professional voiceover artist to take their video to the next level. This means that I get all kinds of surprising jobs that make my job incredibly rich and never boring. It's safe to say that Dharam Seva Records is one of the most unique companies I've ever had the pleasure of working for. They asked for a deep, Ian McKellen-style voice and I'm very pleased with how the final video came out. I should say that I'm especially impressed with the mix on the video; they are clearly very talented over at Dharam Seva Records!


A Little More about Dharam Seva Records

Dharam Seva Records is a non-profit music label that was founded in 2013 with the sole purpose of preserving and promoting the ethics, history, and heritage of the Sikh religion through music and other media. As a non-profit, Dharam Seva Records is headed by volunteers, Kaka Mohanwalia and Bill Mato, who both have a lot of experience working in the Bhangra music industry. Dharam Seva Records produce Sikh music with "moral-based" content and this video alone is testament to the quality of their productions!

Getting in touch with me

Whether you're working on an an advertisement, a trailer, a cartoon, or anything where you need high-quality male voiceover skills, I am always happy to hear from new clients. You'll find all of my contact details on my contact page, including email, telephone, etc. Please get in touch and tell me a little about your project. If it helps you figure out if I'm right for your project, I am more than happy to provide a sample of your script for free.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Sage one Bank feeds voice

Sage one Bank feeds voice Sage one Bank feeds voice - I've been providing voiceovers to Sage for quite a while. This time it's Sage one Bank feeds.

Opel - The Future is Everyone's

opel-the-future-is-everyones Opel - The Future is Everyone's. I loved this. Not only was it a huge web campaign for Opel but the voice session was great. A very understated delivery.

Salter Blender Pro

Salter Blender Pro Salter Blender Pro - a high performance blender. Stainless steel blades, supercharged with 1500w of power, you can smash, blend, grind with ease.

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