Marvel Spiderman Voiceover

Here is my Marvel Spiderman Voiceover for Rubie's. The 2nd advert broadcast on TV in 2016. Kids toys adverts seem to like my energy and excitement I put into this genre.

Marvel Spiderman Voiceover

Marvel is such  huge company, so getting the call was quite exciting. Waiting for approval was a little nerve racking. After a five-week wait, I finally received a yes and was over the moon. I tend to get a lot of children's adverts, which I think is down to the bright tone of voice I use in most of my kids ads in my commercial voiceover showreel. Listen to the whole showreel and explore my explainer video and movie trailer voiceovers to hear the different styles available for your next project. Rubies' Spiderman suit is just one of my many commercials for kids toys you'll see on the television. Especially close to Christmas. Of course, if I'm not voicing toy ads, I'm usually the voice of Santa.

Marvel Spiderman Voiceover

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Rubies know a thing or two when it comes to kids' costumes. They've been in the industry since 1951, when they were founded in Queens, in New York City. They started out as a candy story, but gradually expanded to sell comics and other comic book paraphernalia. Today, Rubie's is an international costume designer, specialising in kid's costumes. Rubie's designs look great and they're very hard-wearing, which shows that they clearly understand their target audience. This job was also done in collaboration with Marvel and the final product can be found at Smyths. I've voiced so many toy commercials, including a Bugs in the Kitchen ad and a Pop-up Pirate ad!.

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