Morrisons Wonky Range - In store

A cockney guy talking about Morrisons' wonky veg...

The voice of Morrison's Wonky Fruit & Vegetable range

Morrisons recently asked me to provide a friendly cockney voiceover for their in-store announcements about their Wonkey Range of fruit and veg. I've got quite a lot of different voices and impressions in my character voiceover showreel but Cockney is one of my favourites. I do a lot of in store voiceovers, including the voice of Wickes, Asda, Co Op, Costcutter Poundland, B&M and many others. I'm actually a fan of Morrison's Wonky Fruit and Veg Range, so it was great to give these in store adverts a quirky close mic feel. It's great working with one of the UK's biggest Supermarket brands! I've done some work with Tesco too!


A little more about Morrisons

I usually like to write a little bit about the companies I work with, but Morrisons really don't need much of an introduction. The company can actually trace its heritage back to 1899, when William Morrison started an egg and butter business in Bradford. Safe to say, they sell a lot more than butter and eggs now in their 498 stores around the UK! Morrisons' Wonky Range is such a great way to reduce wasting all of the wonderful food British farmers make. While lots of supermarkets only accept the most ascetically pleasing fruit, Morrisons accepts all of the weird and wonky produce from British farmers. I love this idea and I really like Morrisons. I've actually worked with them before and you'll hear my spooky Halloween Voice in Morrisons stores this October.

Get in touch

Do you need a voice like this one for your next commercial or perhaps for an in-store announcement? Well, I'm always happy to hear from people keen to work with me, so don't hesitate to get in touch. If it makes it easier to decide, I'm happy to provide a sample of your script for free to help you see (hear) if my voice is the right fit for your brand.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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