Thomas Friends Voiceover

Tale of the Brave the colouring and sticker book. This ad plays in UK Cinemas to Thomas fans

Working with trains.

I grew up with Thomas and my daughter is starting to get fascinated with trains so I'm sure he'll play a big part in my life again for years to come. So when I was asked to voice this, I couldn't resist to add Egmont to my CV. They wanted a upbeat and energetic read for this and thats what they got. I do seem to get a lot of this kind of work. Thank you Mr Tank Engine.

Thomas Friends Voiceover

Thomas the Tank Engine

The colouring and sticker book. Thomas discovers a mysterious footprint in the clay pits and everyone is curious about where it came from. Poor Percy is just scared! Can a new friend convince Percy there is no such thing as monsters or will his fear lead him to leave Sodor Island forever?!

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Thomas Friends Voiceover

Thomas Friends Voiceover

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