Opel - The Future is Everyone's

A soft narration style for this huge web campaign for the car giant.

An understated, soft-spoken voiceover for Opel's TV Ad.

I gave a soft-spoken voiceover for Opel's new TV Ad. A soft-spoken tone is perfect for inspirational videos and it's a great fit with Opel's ad. Depending on the clients I'm working with on a daily basis, I'm often asked to go from softly spoken to a hard sell; it all depends on the variety of promos, games, adverts and features I'm providing voiceover for. Opel came along and asked for something 'pulled back' and we talked a little more about what exactly they were after. I think I'm pretty good at understanding what a client needs, so we tried this and Opel loved it!. Up until now, I hadn't seen the final cut, and I love to find the result of my work a few weeks down the line. I hope you enjoy the delivery and, more importantly, Opel's message.


Opel's The Future is Everyone's Message?

Wherever we look, we encounter new technology and breakthrough inventions that have the power to change our lives forever. Opel wants everyone to profit from those changes. This is why Opel constantly strives to make sure that innovations are accessible to as many people as possible. This sense of purpose is deeply rooted in the DNA of the brand; they implement the latest technology in their products and services, all geared towards the wider public. Because it's only when an innovation is available to everyone, that it has the power to truly improve our world. I think Opel has an inpiring message and it was great to work with them on this advertisement. If you'd like to see more examples of my various TV ad voiceovers, take a look at my commercial voiceover page

Need a voiceover thats a little less 'in ya face?'

If you're looking for a softer, less 'in ya face' voiceover, then I'm the right man for the job. I can perform a variety of different voices to suit your promo or campaign. If you'd like a better idea of my repertoire, you may like to check out my character voiceover page . Google me or read a little more about me and you'll see I'm trusted by big name brands and have been in the voiceover industry for a long time. Do get in touch. I'd love to send you a sample first to see if my voice is right for your brand. Visit the contact page now and tell me a little more about your project.

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