Self Service Till Santa for Poundland

Poundland and Everyone's Voice of Santa

From Heart Radio, Santa Radio and BBC Radio 2, my Santa is heard across the globe in almost as many places as Santa delivers too.
However in 2020 Santa got into trouble at Poundland. Read on...

The UK's favourite voice of Santa

It seems these days I'm the voice of Santa for everyone. Including Heart Radio, Santa Radio and of course BBC Radio 2 and the Zoe Ball breakfast show Santa. So, I can safely say, if you need the voice of Santa, you are in safe gloves and you'll have that authentic ho ho ho and deep warm Santa everyone knows and loves. From national radio stations to small events, drop me the script and details and let me get to the workshop and voice it.


Santa in trouble at Poundland

Oh no. December 2020 saw an influx of national publications reporting on a story of a lady offended because Santa announced her credit card was not accepted on the Poundland self service tills. To be honest a bit of a non story as clearly a sense of humour breakdown. I was happy to say, listening to the film, it was my voice. Besides making it into aarious papers and websites globally it was also picked up on Have I got New for you on the BBC. Thank you! I'll take the Paul Merton quote "Thats Father Christmas". Brilliant PR.

Do you fancy a Santa voice?

Maybe with less controversy, if my voice of Santa can help then please feel free to get in touch. If you need a little reassurance that my Santa is right for your festive project, I am happy to provide a short sample from your script. Either way, lets make it sound Epic!

Marvel Superheroes Voiceover

Marvel Superheroes Voiceover Marvel Superheroes Voiceover - Kids tv commercials are another of my favourite genres, not just because my daughter will get to hear me. Full of energy

On-Air Chat with Santa Claus

on-air-chat-with-santa Looking to chat with Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas) this winter? Book a slot with the UK's most in demand voice of Santa – pure fun and silliness!

Domino Express voice over

Domino Express Voiceover Domino Express Voiceover - Looking for an energetic read? As the voice of lots of kids toys on tv, I also voice a lot of tv ads for John Adams including this.

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