Saturday night takeaway voice of God

My most exciting voice over gig. The Saturday Night Takeaway Tour Voice of God. Front row tickets in Leeds thrown in too.

Voice of God Announcer

Every week I'm asked to provide my voice for events, shows or award ceremonies. Whilst the work steps up towards the end of the year, through the rest of the 12 months there is always something to voice or be a part of.
The Voice of God is the name for that big, booming announcer's voice you hear at large events and it's something I've provided for numerous events such as the Pure Beauty Awards and The Voice of God for Butlins shows and announcements for the last 8 years.

Saturday night takeaway voice of God

Cost effective voice over

It was great fun providing the voiceover for Saturday Night Takeaway's live show, which I recorded ahead of time.
I'm more than happy to provide LIVE voice-of-god services, however, pre-recording can save you money.
With a full professional studio and high-quality recording equipment, let me record the audio and send as a WAV or mp3.
Even if the event line up changes at the last minute, it's not a problem to record new lines ahead of the event.

How can I get a Voice of God?

Are you looking for a voice of God? Or perhaps you need something softer and more natural for a TV ad or explainer video. Please get in touch. I'd be very happy to send a short sample of your script before you book me. Just send a few lines of the script first so you can be sure I'm right for your event. 99% of the jobs delivered the same day.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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